Einzeltraining •Private session • プライベートセッション 60min

Das Einzeltraining findet in der Senefelder Str. 10 in der Arztpraxis Fr. Dr. Martina Igel statt.

The Private Sesson takes place at The Arztpraxis Fr. Dr. Martina Igel. Senefelder Str.10

Preis: 1h/60,-€ :30min/30,-€
Online session:1h/60,-€   :30min/30,-€

Private sessions are personally customized to meet indivisual needs.We will develop a workout program specific to your body and your goals,selecting the excercises that will benefit you the most.
Private sessions are ideal for a person with injuries or pains,Pre-Post natal mamas and more advanced clients looking to improve their form.


Gruppenkurse • Group lesson •グループレッスン 

Zoom Online Kurs :45min Drop in:18,-€, 10er Karte(10times,10回card)/150,-€

*Mittwoch/Wednesday/水曜日 17:30 (English)

*Samstag/Saturday/土曜日 9:00am (English)
*Sonntag/Sunday/日曜日 11:00 (Japanese/English)

★Group courses are only available Online at the moment. We hope we can start our live group lesson sometime soon again.